Digital Scavenger Hunt

It’s a Jefferson Township Day Digital Scavenger Hunt!

On Saturday, July 9, it’s Jefferson Township Day on the Jefferson Township High School fields, 1010 Weldon Road, Milton/Oak Ridge, and the Jefferson Township Public Library is offering an exciting and unique opportunity to participate in a digital scavenger hunt anytime between 1 and 6 pm. There’s no fee to participate, and all you need to have in order to play is your own cell phone.

According to Library Director Seth Stephens, simply use your cell phone throughout the Public Library and Municipal Complex located at 1032 and 1033 Weldon Road to find digital treasures. The Library has built 10 digital treasure boxes that will be located throughout the complex for you to find.

The treasure boxes will be able to be found by checking the SSIDs (service set identifiers -- a sequence of characters that uniquely names wireless local area networks)that will become available on your cell phone as you walk around the area. Each of the ten boxes will have a unique SSID, and each treasure box will have a digital treasure that can be downloaded to your phone when it is found.

Once a treasure box is located, you will be able to easily log on to each treasure box and download the box’s treasure. When all ten treasures have been located,you will be able to redeem them for a prize at the Library.

Enjoy this activity and all the other activities associated with Jefferson Township Day – find them all, Jefferson Arts Committee on Facebook, email the Jefferson Arts Committee, call 973-697-2032 or 973-697-3828.

Hope to see everyone on July 9thfor an exciting day and an evening filled with music and fireworks!

Support the efforts of the Jefferson Township Public Library as it moves us forward in the 21stcentury bringing new technology and innovative activities to our community Remember,your library is a place where people gather to explore, interact, and imagine!


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