Cornhole Tournament

2nd Annual Cornhole Tournament for July 9!

            The 2015 Jefferson Township Day Cornhole Tournament generated such interest and enthusiasm that this exciting activity for all ages is being brought back for the 30th annual celebration of Jefferson Township Day on Saturday, July 9th.  The 1 pm event will again take place at the Jefferson Township High School fields, 1010 Weldon Road, Oak Ridge, NJ so get a teammate and join in the fun because the tournament’s organizer Jack Kelly expects that the 16 team spots will fill up quickly.

            The game of "Cornhole" is actually a bean bag toss where the bean bags are thrown at an angled platform with a hole in the upper end.  There are two platforms separated by 27 feet. Two teams, consisting of two players on each team compete with each other to see who can score the most points. Points are gained by tossing the bean bag through the hole or by staying on the platform without touching the ground. The team that scores a total of 21 points is the winner of the match, and the tournament is a series of elimination matches until there is one winner left. First and Second Place winners will receive Olympic style medals.

            Pre-registration is required and the registration form can be found on    There is a $40 per team (2 to a team) entry fee.

            If you have questions or for information about the tournament contact Jack at 973-697-5957 or


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