Looking for All Kinds of Trucks

The Jefferson Arts Committee is looking for all types of trucks to participate in their Touch-a-Truck exhibit at the 30th annual Jefferson Township Day event scheduled on Saturday, July 9th on the fields of the Jefferson Township High School, 1010 Weldon Road, Milton/Oak Ridge, NJ.

What child doesn’t dream about getting behind the wheel of a bulldozer, a construction vehicle, a fire truck, an ambulance, or a tow truck? A Touch-a-Truckactivity makes this a reality!  This unique, interactive event allows not only children but their families to touch and learn about how a wide variety of businesses and vehicles protect, serve, invest in, and build a community. 

Trucks of all kinds to be driven and parked on site by their owners/operators in a designated area of the school field will not only give children and adults the opportunity  to see magnificent machines up close, but to actually climb aboard and experience the excitement of being behind the wheel! 

Plus, businesses get free advertising by participating and an opportunity to talk to the children’s parents about what they do!  It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

If you have a truck and you’re interested in participating, please contact Jack Kelly at 973-697-5957 or  for more information.


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