Medicine Show and Flea Circus

Wahoo Medicine Show and Phydeaux’s Flea Circus to perform at Jefferson Day, July 9th !

Step right up and catch a rare glimpse of America’s golden age of humbug and quackery.  The Chief Wahoo Miracle Elixir Medicine Show and Phydeaux’s Flying Flea Circus will transport you to the days of the late 19th century when hucksters took advantage of a receptive unsophisticated public that was being barraged daily by the legitimate scientific discoveries of Edison, Bell and Marconi.  Hang onto your wallets and lend a skeptical ear if you cross paths with the show’s creator, George Esparza, who can be seen performing his unique brand of street theatre at Jefferson Day on July 9th.  He’ll be there looking for “pigeons” waiting to be plucked. Although this charlatan has been called many names by the fleeced, those who have seen his show call him very entertaining.  Just remember that the Wahoo Medicine Show is all in good fun and nothing is actually for sale!

George Esparza, performing in period dress, weaves his medicine show and flea circus together seamlessly with southern charm, storytelling and shameless hyperbole.  This is family friendly street theatre at its best and just plain old fashioned fun!

The Wahoo Medicine Show and Phydeaux’s Flea Circus can be seen around the Jefferson Township HS Field on July 9th from 4 to 7 PM.  So join us in enjoying this form of unique entertainment.

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